Balticbest 2016

Call for entries
May 11, 2016
Submission deadline
Aug 17, 2016
Shortlist published
Aug 22, 2016
Awards announced
Aug 23, 2016

Submission of entries is closed

The purpose of the Balticbest 2016 award competition is to reward outstanding creativity. Entries will be judged on the originality of the creative ideas and on the quality of their execution.

The competition is open to all advertising and marketing agencies, their clients, film production companies, media consultancies, photographers, design studios and private persons from the Baltic states. Entries only from Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian companies and residents are eligible. Estonian e-residents are also welcome to enter the competition.

Only advertising and other forms of communication that have been approved by the advertiser and used, published or broadcasted between between 1st July 2015 and 30th June 2016 are eligible as entries. Work that does not meet these eligibility conditions will be disqualified.

All Grand Prix and category winners (Gold, Silver and Bronze) will receive winners’ diplomas at Balticbest 2016 Award Gala on August 23, 2016 in Jurmala, Latvia.

NB! All Grand Prix and Gold winners of Balticbest 2016 will be automatically sent, with no extra cost, to compete at EPICA Awards.

Balticbest 2016 jury:

  • Madis Ots, Creative Director at Newton (Estonia)
  • Vilius Gostevičius, Creative Director at Milk (Lithuania)
  • Oskars Laksevics, Managing Director at TBWA Latvia (Latvia)
  • Vlad Pavlov, CEO at Protein (Russia)
  • Diederik Veelo, Founding partner, The Ambassadors LAB (The Netherlands)
  • Markus Lind, Creative Director at Good Morning (Norway)
  • Jennie Arvenäs, Digital Art Director at Zellout (Sweden)
  • Markus Grannenfelt, Managing Director, OMD Finland (Finland)
  • Mark Tungate, Editorial director of The Epica Awards (France)


Silja Oja
Manager of Best Marketing Estonia
Phone: +372 53 079 151
Äripäev AS / Bonnier Business Press